Kofax® is a leading provider of smart process applications for the business critical First Mile™ of customer interactions. These begin with an organization’s systems of engagement, which generate real time, information intensive communications from customers, and provide an essential connection to systems of record (large, enterprise applications and repositories not easily adapted to contemporary technology). Kofax improves the customer experience and reduces operating costs for increased competitiveness, growth and profitability.

The First Mile represents the information intensive interactions customers have with an organization. These interactions are often labor intensive, slow and prone to errors, and can adversely affect a customer’s perception of your business.

Kofax solves the First Mile challenge by combining market leading capture, process management, mobile and analytics capabilities to provide “smart process applications.” These significantly increase an organization’s responsiveness to customers, service levels, competitive advantage and ability to manage and grow their businesses while also greatly reducing operating costs.

Product Detail:

Kofax TotalAgility™ 7.0 (KTA7) is the world’s first unified smart process application development and deployment platform. It combines information capture, process management, DCM, collaboration, mobility and analytics to solve the First Mile™ challenges of effectively processing real-time, information-rich customer interactions.

It provides an essential link between systems of engagement and systems of record to help increase responsiveness to customers, improve service levels to gain competitive advantage, and better manage and grow business while greatly reducing operating costs.

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