BonitaSoft’s open source Business Process Management Suite democratizes BPM, bringing the ability to design, automate, and optimize business processes to organizations of any size and budget. You can easily connect those processes to nearly any IT system, generate process-driven applications, and guarantee the benefits of BPM for everyone in the organization.

The promise of automating, measuring and improving processes throughout organizations of all sizes remains largely unrealized. The primary obstacles to delivering the promise include: cost of the BPM software and deployment; rigidity of BPM products in terms of development and integration with other systems; and innovation in bringing BPM-related benefits to every person in the organization. BonitaSoft open source BPM software offers ways to overcome these obstacles as well as many advantages over proprietary vendors.

BonitaSoft’s suite, called Bonita Open Solution, includes Bonita Studio, Bonita Execution Engine, and Bonita User Experience. Bonita Studio allows business analysts and technical audiences to graphically design and share processes using the industry standardBPMN 2.0 notation. Developers can apply implementation details and design web forms to generate process-based applications. Finally, users can interact with the processes via generated applications with User Experience, an intuitive portal.

There’s a Bonita Open Solution edition for you, no matter your project requirements, time constraints, and budget. Each edition adds an increasing amount of functionality:

  • Open Source: Start with this edition for your new or proof-of-concept BPM projects in which delivery time is not an issue and budget constraints are high. This edition includes friendly graphical modeling with the standard BPMN 2.0 notation so that business and technical stakeholders communicate in a common language. Access hundreds of Connectors to interface your processes with external systems. Users interact with processes through a user-friendly portal as well as generated process-based business applications.
  • Teamwork: Accelerate and secure your projects with this edition for entry-level commercial grade deployments that includes: annual support, a multi-user repository to share developments, developer productivity features, and document management. Business users can generate documentation for their processes and obtain Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports on the process data. Finally, with the ability to include Connectors inside generated applications, you ensure that applications are ready for corporate deployment.
  • Efficiency: For those projects with tight time constraints, this edition speeds business process delivery for commercial grade deployments. Accelerate your project delivery to the maximum extent with a wide range of corporate function business process templates (e.g., HR, Corporate Finance, Quality, and Help Desk). Have your own team, BonitaSoft, or its partners tailor the process to precisely fit your business processes.
  • Performance: This edition is for mission-critical deployments, adding powerful features to ensure your deployment runs at peak performance. Monitoring capabilities guarantee that you know the real-time, precise status of resources and BPM entity behaviors. Error management facilities ensure that you can pinpoint issues so that corrective action may be taken.

Created in 2009 by the founders of the Bonita project, BonitaSoft is the fastest-growing BPM vendor, with hundreds of thousands of downloads, hundreds of customers, and thousands of community members. With the BonitaSoft suite, organizations can model, automate and optimize process workflows in Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, E-Government, and more, according to their respective business or technical roles.



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