Bluespring Software

Bluespring Software

Bluespring is a Midwest-based software development company with a singular focus on helping organizations make work flow.

Bluespring LeanView and Bluespring ProcessView capitalize on your investment and knowledge in Microsoft technology. Both products are business process analysis tools developed as add-ons to Microsoft Visio with the ability to auto-generate analytical reports and presentations in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, which significantly reduces the learning curve, and shortens the time to value in achieving your process improvement goals.

Bluespring gives you the ability to not only diagram your business processes, but also fully understand the key business drivers that impact your business such as resource requirements, cycle times, throughput, and quality. LeanView and ProcessView provide this information “out of the box.” Better yet, they also allow you to easily create and analyze metrics specific to your unique business requirements.



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