GBTEC Software + Consulting AG

Company Information:

GBTEC Software + Consulting AG is the manufacturer of the intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS) BIC. The company, headquartered in Bochum, Germany, has been an expert in the design of BPM-related innovative software and associated specialized consulting for over a decade and belongs to a global network of partners. GBTEC's customers include numerous DAX corporations as well as larger medium-sized enterprises and governmental offices. For further information, please visit www.gbtec.de.

Product Information:

The intelligent BPM Suite BIC is designed for company-wide recording, optimization, and automation of processes. BIC provides comprehensive support for business processes, from strategic planning all the way to execution. BIC serves as the ideal basis for optimizing and controlling both business process management and quality management.

BIC also sets the groundwork when it comes to digitization projects. BIC enables the comparison of actual and target situations, thereby revealing digitization potentials. Following that, BIC is used to plan company-wide digital transformation and to automate entire process flows.

BIC’s additional strong-points include the areas of ​​GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) and ICS (Internal Control System). BIC enables reliable, centralized management and monitoring of risks and controls. Other classic BIC applications include business-IT alignment, continuous improvement, ERP implementation projects, and capacity planning.

Free Trial Version:

In designing BIC Cloud, we placed particular importance on developing an intuitive and modern interface that would allow both inexperienced users as well as BPM professionals to enjoy working with it. In order to allow optimal customization of BIC Cloud to individual company requirements, BIC is available as a public cloud, a private cloud, and in an on-premise version. A free 30-day trial version of BIC Cloud is available at: https://www.gbtec.de/en/bpm/lp-2-en/ .


Street: Gesundheitscampus-Süd 23

Postcode: 44801

City: Bochum

Country: Germany


Phone: +49 234 97645 - 110

Email: sales@gbtec.de

Website: http://www.gbtec.de/