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Develop a 1st Business Process Application
Develop a First Business Process Application


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One of the key benefits of BPM is that building applications is inherently model-driven, with allowing you to quickly create prototypes, then incrementally add new capabilities and functionality.  

Taking an iterative, model-driven approach offers the opportunity to engage stakeholders and end users at the outset, offering the best chance to avoid the cultural resistance that otherwise dooms the introduction of new technology or process change, when the feel they were left out of the process.

Below are a set of resources designed to help you get started with building applications with BPM.

Ready to get started?  

As part of the Getting Start With BPM initiative, BPM.com is working with BPM software vendors to provide immediate and free access to working software, ranging from BPMN modeling tools to a complete BPM Suite (BPMS).  The first of these is Bonita BPM from BonitaSoft, a complete open-source BPM Suite which will allow you define, execute and monitor business processes with BPMN

Download Software.  Access is immediate and there is no further obligation.  Simply download and get started today. 

Complementary BPM Software Download

An Introduction to
Business Architecture Modeling
for BPM Intiatives

Getting Started: An Introduction to Business Architecture Modeling for BPM Intiatives

BPM and Case Management

BPM and Case Management

Focus on Social BPM:
The Role of Trust and
Reputation in BPM

Focus on Social BPM: The Role of Trust and Reputation in BPM



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