Quotes of the Week - June 8, 2015

“It ‘used to be about making existing work more efficient. Now, the opportunity for software is to transform the work itself,’ tweets Box founder Aaron Levie, who Meeker quotes. What he means is that business processes themselves are changing.”
-Patrick Nelson

“The best thing BPM vendors can do is mind their customers, listen to the analysts, and then form their own opinions. Analysts aren’t gifted with any special understanding of your business that you don’t have for yourself, but they can share valuable context about what they’re seeing and hearing outside your four walls.”
-Scott Francis

“When it comes to Dark Events, Automated Process Discovery tries to go further than Process Mining by capturing more detailed data than usually exists in business system event logs. It is by capturing and analyzing this data that we illuminate the ‘un-knowns’ and increase our ability to make meaningful improvements.”
-Jim Sinur

BPM Forum

“What Is the Correct Response When a Company Says, 'We Don't Have a Process for That' Yes you have, but it sucks.
-Emiel Kelly

“They don't have a process for it: they have numerous processes, at least one in the head of each individual involved. In fact, that's the case even if they say, "why yes, we do have a process for that," and then produce a sheet of paper delineating the process as evidence.”
-E. Scott Menter

“My personal experience is that they always say they have a process, but when asked to describe it there is a huge awkward silence before they start inviting each other to start the description.”
-Bogdan Nafornita

“Processes created with BPM thinking digitized into full transparency audit trail reporting etc then yes. Well maybe not 100%....but corruption would only happen once.”
-David Chassels

“I do think that systematization can help reduce corruption at low levels. However, the big time corruption will definitely never be stopped by BPM.”
-Brian Reale