Quotes of the Week - June 16, 2015

“‘What the customer asks is not what he wants and what he wants is not what he really needs.’ Applied to business processes, it means that what a customer calls a ‘process’ is often a process fragment, really.”
-Anatoly Belaychook

“We are now witnessing the third wave of BPM. The first wave was where the industry tell its clients that we could handle their mess for less. It was the wage arbitrage model. The second wave was all about domain knowledge and technology. The third wave is where we begin helping our clients with decision making and move into vertical leadership.”
-Keshav R Muruges

“Connecting customers to operations. Think of your customers’ actions online as part of your business process, and implement your processes accordingly.”
-Sandy Kemsley

“Pega now has its sights firmly set on Salesforce.com – it’s looking to seduce companies that have invested in Salesforce and have hit a wall.”
-Neil Ward-Dutton

From the BPM Forum

What Is the Number One Reason a Process Improvement Project Fails? “People.”
-Michal Rykiert

What Is the Number One Reason a Process Improvement Project Fails? The answer is in the question: the fact that it is seen as a project. 'we started a separate project for process improvement, so it doesn't disturb daily operation'
-Emiel Kelly

“BPM offers us a great opportunity to drive broad change at relatively low cost. Let's take advantage of that and stop limiting our imaginations to what what was possible ten years ago.”
-E. Scott Menter

“Any process improvement project is ‘touching’ the iceberg of processes within an enterprise (see REF1). Thus dealing only with its visible part will be as dangerous as asking a captain to navigate close to an iceberg.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

“Fire the people in the company with the biggest egos - they're the ones doing the real damage with their tribe domination goals dressed up as ‘process improvement projects’.
-Peter Johnston

“Empower staff to service a customer right the first time using goal-orientation.”
-Max Pucher

Number one reason a process improvement project fails: “Organizational character.”
-Gary Samuelson

The opportunity for software to transform work has always been present and limited only by our ability to innovate.
-Faun deHenry

“Tools don’t transform businesses. People do.”
-Juan J. Moreno

“BPM is basically about accelerating and enhancing existing work through increased clarity, automation, optimization of work organization etc….As we increasingly automate tasks and micro-decisions, we delegate them to machines. This frees us - humans - to focus more on the human attributes that makes us valuable to business.”
-Bogdan Nafornita

“BPM is probably the best way to manage the business transformation, because it allows to do it precisely by processes, minimizing redundancies of business activities, increasing the quality and decreasing costs of changes.”
-Jose Camacho