Michelle Goetz"AI learns by observing and understanding patterns, and optimizes based on continuous input and training. Instruction is not a set of rules, formulas and code. Thus, it causes organizations to look more deeply at how they operate, what they want to achieve, and the resources available."
-Michele Goetz

Vijay Gurbaxani"Increasingly global supply chains can deliver the kinds of things that custom factories delivered in the past. What distinguishes you now is ideas. But ideas don’t scale, unless you put them into software. So every business will need to think like a software company."
-Vijay Gurbaxani

Phil Gilbert"The only way a company sustains anything is through process. If you’re not married to the production process, you will not survive over the long haul. You won’t survive a leadership change. You won’t survive a management change. You won’t survive a budget cut time. Unless you’re deeply embedded in the operations of the company."
-Phil Gilbert

Keith Swenson"Robotic process automation solves a very real problem today with picking up that information from those systems, and also sending data to those systems."
-Keith Swenson

George Westerman"What we’ve found, over and over again, is that digital transformation is not a digital challenge. The real value comes from changing your processes. The technology enables change. And, by the way, changing processes is more than writing code and drawing charts."
-George Westerman

Matthias Kirchmer"You cannot gain competitive advantage by being the best, e.g. in ordering your toilet paper. You need to focus your innovation and optimization activities on what really matters, the 15+% of high impact processes."
-Mathias Kirchmer