Marilyn de Villiers"As organisations build their operations around digital technologies, they need to ensure business process management (BPM) functionality does not end up slipping into the background. So says Megan Potrzeba, marketing and content strategist at Appian."
-Marilyn de Villiers

Connie Moore"Recasting enterprises into a truly customer-driven culture is a very complex, challenging and slow process—requiring lots of executive time and resources, a deep insight into customer journeys, and a strong focus on organizational change management."
-Connie Moore

Nathaniel Palmer"We enter the year with tailwinds rather than headwinds. We face both exciting times and times of threatening uncertainty – and address it with more momentum and a far clearer direction than ever before. This will not be a year of pivoting, but it will be an inflexion point. I am as excited for 2018 as I was throughout 2017."
-Nathaniel Palmer

Megan Potrzeba"Businesses that want to embrace digital transformation need process excellence to spur value creation. BPM tools can make process improvement easy, laying the groundwork for long-term efficiency and sustainable innovation."
-Megan Potrzeba

Amanda LeClair"'Functional programming' is going to become inescapable over the next 18 months—that is, if it isn’t already on your radar...In layman’s terms functional programming tells software what to do, compared to procedural programming that tells software how to do something."
-Amanda LeClair, Michael Facemire, Forrester

Nigel Fenwick"Responding to rising customer expectations demands a state of continuous evolution. Each evolution of the experience must deliver a valuable outcome better. Done well, revenue follows."