Jim Sinur“We see AI picking up a lot of steam, and it seems like intelligence might be the new currency instead of data.”
-Jim Sinur

Jim Sinur"While business process management (BPM) is not considered one of the flashy technologies in and around digital business, it will become an essential enabler of digital businesses. Tomorrow's Digital Business Platforms (DBP) will have a strong thread of BPM for work management and the development of resource and task management."
-Jim Sinur

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland"40% of organizations believe an emphasis on customer-centric processes is driving the need to change how process management teams work."
-Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland

Sandy Kemsley"I’ve learned two things about integrating process and content: first, almost every process application has some sort of content associated with it; and second, most process-centric developers underestimate the potential complexity of handling the content in the context of the process application."
-Sandy Kemsley

Morgan Franks"It’s harder for technology to replace human interaction in many important ways. For example, I don’t think customer service will go total automation anytime soon."
-Morgan Frank

Nigel Fenwick"Culture remains the No. 1 barrier to successful digital transformation."
-Nigel Fenwick