Ian Gotts"It is incredibly difficult to change the culture and direction of a large organization. Digital transformation is probably the hardest as it challenges the business models that underpin the entire company. Therefore the threat needs to be SO HUGE that everyone from the very top sees the 'burning platform'."
-Ian Gotts

"Mckinsey research finds that the effective use of digital technologies in the oil and gas sector can reduce capital expenditures by up to 20 percent and cut operating costs by 3 to 5 percent."
-Jenna Harvey

"There's a great deal of business hype around digital change, so it might come as a surprise that, in a recent global survey of IT professionals, just eight percent of enterprises evaluate themselves as truly digitally transformed." Tim Sandle

"Companies that figure out how to squeeze AI into mobile devices will drastically change how you and I work, and how brands interact with consumers." Chwee Chua

Nathaniel Palmer"Bots, decisions and automation are key, with the three R’s (robots, rules and relationships) defining BPM in the years to come."
-Nathaniel Palmer

Thomas Siebel"Perhaps the most unique aspect of this technology trend is that digital transformation is being driven from the top, personally mandated by the CEO. This is something new."
-Thomas Siebel