Vince Mirabelli"Process improvement and process innovation are actually two different concepts that can affect your business in separate ways. Implementing each requires a different skill set and a different long-term vision."
-Vincent Mirabelli

Max Young"Digital transformation is as important as oxygen: all digital creatures, great and small, need it."
-Max Young

Bogdan Nafornita"If you automate a crappy process, you'll get a crappy automated process."
Bogdan Nafornita

James Staten"Start with a forthcoming customer experience value and apply a chain of modern and emerging technologies to address this solution. Brian’s suggestion: 'Challenge your team and colleagues to identify important chains and match future technology potential with painful business pressure points.'"
-James Staten

Max Young"It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change."
-Max Young

Alexander Samarin"BPM is the future of microservices. There are two main problems with microservices: 1) granularity of microservices and 2) complexity of microservices-based applications. BPM solves these two problems naturally."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin