Keith Swenson"One question I would like to know is whether ANYONE has seen a process model developed for one organization successfully re-used at a different organization?"
-Keith Swenson

David Patterson"Moore’s Law is over, ushering in a golden age for computer architecture."
-David Patterson

Marcello Andrieu"Digital transformation frameworks are increasingly necessary as businesses try to keep up with the rapid pace of change."
-Marcelo Andrieu

Fred Nickols"Every company has a process architecture whether they know it or not and whether that architecture is planned and intentional or unplanned and accidental. To me, the first Step is to identify and document the process architecture that exists. The next step depends on what you find out in this first step."
-Fred Nickols

Lisa Higgens"The demand for process transformation is rapidly increasing; however, 88 percent of respondents felt that process management, as a discipline, needed to change to remain relevant."
-Lisa Higgins

Jim Sinur"While RPA can replace humans on happy paths to create straight-through processes, there is much more to address. Bots must grow from structured screens and data to knowledge-rich cases or dynamic processes that are emergent in nature."
-Jim Sinur