"Advanced business processes and adoption of cloud-based process applications for industrialised operations will eventually enable a more effective use of crowdsourced resources for a variety of process-related tasks."
Subroto Gupta

Money is flowing back into technology, so picking the right areas of investigation and investment will make a significant difference when matching against expected business outcomes.
Jim Sinur

If you’re going to create successful applications, you must incorporate cloud and mobile solutions or you’ll find yourself with legacy software.
Mike Ingrisano

Process has been around before any of us was born. Process was around in 1900, it was around in 1800. Process isn't going anywhere.
Clay Richardson

“Customers expect every company to offer services like web retailers. They want to see everything in real time, putting pressure on our systems and operations.”
Jacqi Levy

Improvements to customer onboarding are all the rage these days. Why so? Probably because most organisations do it so badly.
Craig Reid