“Installing a rigid process can create a system where an organization gets too locked into certain procedures and ends up repeating the same mistakes. What organizations need is a less static, more iterative approach that sets rules to bring order from chaos, but allows them to make changes easily when parts of the process become outdated, irrelevant, unnecessary."
Mac McConnell

“Organizations need to take a good look at their 'end to end' processes that support excellent customer experiences. Processes are the welcome mat for your organization.”
Jim Sinur

“What businesses truly need when they are serious about business process and the effectiveness of their staff is modern technology that enables them to define verifiable goals for the business capabilities that represent the end-to-end processes. They focus on the functionality that they need and not on appearances such as fancy dashboards.”
Max Pucher

“‘Agility should be measured in the eyes of the customer.’ So too then must BPM. And the customer is that common reference point for both IT and Business.”
Theo Priestley

"A customer experiences your company as the sum of its business processes. How comfortable does that make you feel?"
Scott Francis

"In conversation with a US-based CIO recently, the CIO summarised his opportunities and challenges to me with one short phrase: 'Software is eating the world, but I’m not sure I’m in front of its mouth or behind it.'"
Neil Ward-Dutton