“Process-driven companies blame the processes for every business outcome - good or bad.”
Bogdan Nafornita

“‘Zero code’ is often a short-hand for “empowering ‘real’ users who are unfamiliar with code”. And that is both a worthy and necessary goal. After all, the days when a genius such as Isaac Newton could reach the pinnacle of several fields in one lifetime are long behind us. In the modern world we are all specialists. So if we believe BPM suites are powerful tools for managing our work then we need to strive to make them available to experts in all manner of fields. Let’s not give up on ‘zero code’ whilst acknowledging the limitations of our best efforts to date.”
Tim Stephenson

“Business is no longer a front and back office – all of your enterprise is the front office. Classic ad-hoc/dynamic processes and classic static processes will co-exist in the same BPM execution environment.”
Alexander Samarin

“What is easy to lose sight of is that the vendors at bpmNEXT and the Gartner Quadrant are not really in the same markets. They rarely compete with each other, and they are attacking BPM through different lenses. They’re solving real problems for their customers, and finding product-market fit with those customers.”
Scott Francis

“If you look closely at most of today’s BPM initiatives, they tend to hide behind an imaginary firewall that separates what external customers experience and what internal business operations feel they need to be efficient.”
Clay Richardson

"Today, there's so much flying at people in businesses that they have to take assistance where they can, whether it's from another employee or it's some kind of machine assistance, particularly when you get into heavy real-time analytics."
Jim Sinur