“The dynamics of business continue to be fixing the symptom quickly and cheaply which is easier to fund and do than fixing the problem and the root (often systemic) cause. If we are seeing an uplift in the economy, and it's real and sustained, this rising tide will mask the need for the kind of fundamental improvement BPM offers.”
Kevin Parker

“Don't go in with a predetermined mindset on structured or unstructured, case management versus traditional BPM, intent on proving out a conclusion that's desired.”
Patrick Lujan

“If process is going to be adopted and valued it needs to rebrand itself and be linked to something CEOs really care about: Customers and Revenue.”
Ian Gotts

“The ‘split’ is one of hairs regarding structured and unstructured, ad hoc and knowledge work. For users and end clients though it was, is and always has been about solutions that work.”
Patrick Lujan

“I see so few real-world processes that fit into the purely structured or the purely unstructured ends of the spectrum: almost everything lies somewhere in the middle, where there is a mix of both.”
Sandy Kemsley

"BPM and Case Management are at once both transformative and disruptive. What is dead is that idea that BPM is exotic, outlier technology that has niche uses, inevitably to be replaced with something bigger and better. That's dead. Dance on its grave. What is brilliantly alive is the BPM on which many (not yet all) of the most innovative, successful, and largest firms in the world run their businesses on."
Nathaniel Palmer