“Work transition is the silent killer of productivity of every organization. Like a relay race, things quickly fall apart when the transition of the baton between runners falters."
Jim Sinur

“What this shows is that there is research being done to take process to the next level. Perhaps a combination of these approaches might leave us with the ultimate solution: a system that can generate process maps on demand that are appropriate for a specific situation. This would be exactly like your GPS unit which can generate a route from point A to point B give the underlying map of what is possible.”
Keith Swenson

“Cloud computing is enormously promising in terms of providing scalable and elastic infrastructure for software applications, as well as innovative business opportunities. However, its complexity (both in terms of understanding and adoption) is often underestimated.”
Marco Brambilla

“Adoption is the hidden problem. People put a lot of time and energy into working collaboratively with the stakeholders to build great processes. They link them with documents and metrics and systems...But come back a year later and it is, too often, in a slow decline. Creating a sustainable platform for continuous process improvement is surprisingly difficult.”
Mike Gammage

“The real question is how to deal with an organization that is afraid of change and really, really needs to scrap the old way just to join the 21st century. It might seem hopeless, but if you can deliver on your promises to improve what they have with BPM, you can open the door, bit by bit, making room for an iterative cycle of modernization.”
Amy Barth

“Adaptive Case Management is the on-ramp for intelligent business processes.”
Keith Swenson