“There are those that say ROI is dead, or BPM is dead. But BPM projects just continue to put up eye popping ROI statistics. In many cases the ROI is so good that companies are embarrassed to publish the results because it reveals in a sense, how bad things were before.”
-Scott Francis

“Embedded workflows in almost all applications are competing for use cases. With that fragmentation comes frustration with managing processes in multiple systems, where automation is planned and maintained, and competing internal resource allocation.”
Garvin Fouts

“In the end customers don't want you to improve your processes, they want you to execute those processes well.”
Emiel Kelly

“All major BPM software vendors will shift to focus on process apps. Heightened customer and employee expectations for rapid process change will shine a bright light on the need to reduce lengthy analysis and design times typically associated with BPM.”
Clay Richardson

“What’s needed is a real-time, socially constructed approach to change, so that the leader’s job isn’t to design a change program but to build a change platform—one that allows anyone to initiate change, recruit confederates, suggest solutions, and launch experiments.”
Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini

"Jim Champy touched on the evolution of process thinking: 'Twenty years ago process professionals drew their inspiration from engineering. The organization was seen as a machine. Twenty years from now there will still be process professionals, but they will draw on science – especially biology – rather than engineering. The organization will be seen and managed as a living entity.'”
Mike Gammage