“Merely targeting ‘Customer Satisfaction’, in my view, is a pretty low bar to set today. Think about it - no customer comes to you expressly to be dissatisfied - 'satisfaction' is a most basic minimum expectation. And so, if you as a firm are planning programs in 2015 to establish just satisfaction, then I'd say you might need to think again; because that is as good as having a plan to merely not dissatisfy.”
Jaisundar Venkat

“One of the great challenges for BPM in the future will be visualizing process-context effectively as the baseline expectations for visualization dramatically improve. Perhaps the most interesting visualizations will be domain specific rather than process-generic.”
-Scott Francis

“What digital leaders have in common is a keen understanding (and importantly, a practical application) of the need to digitally transform more than just processes—it’s about transforming the entire value proposition from the outside in and from the inside, out. What does that mean in practice? Put simply, it’s about bringing customer facing and operational processes closer than ever.”
-Fernand Khousakoun

“Trying to force collaboration where the culture does not yet support it can actually slow down productivity.”
-Angela Ashenden

“A sales manager can’t wait nine months for the dev team to add a new component to an app. BPM solutions increasingly offer code-free development functions that empower workers to customize mobile apps and maximize the value of such solutions.”
Joshua Hoffman

“If we aren't hiring people to do complicated things and use their brains every day at work, then we should automate our processes and be done with it.”
Liz Ryan