“60% of people switching banks in the past year did so because of insufficient mobile banking capabilities.”
-Nathaniel Palmer

“The BPMN created by the business analyst to represent the business requirements for implementation often bears little resemblance to the BPMN created by the BPMS developer, which must cope with real-world details of application integration. That not only weakens the business-IT collaboration so central to BPM’s promise of business agility, but it leads to BPMN that must be revised whenever any backend system is updated or changed.”
-Bruce Silver

“It’s impossible to have a good strategy poorly executed. That’s because execution actually is strategy – trying to separate the two only leads to confusion.”
-Roger Martin

“This more aggressively digitalized process adds situational adaptations and enables the work to become more flexible, increase quality for each patient and improve engagement in the work itself. It also helps staff to do more of the better work and enables them to make further suggestions about changes.”
Bruce Robertson, Gartner

“If businesses truly want to truly become innovative app companies, they need to turn every department into an IT department and make every employee part of the innovation process. If someone in marketing or finance or HR has an idea for a new app, they should be able to take matters in their own hands.”
-Gottfried Sehringer

“There is no simple answer for dealing the sea of data from IoT other than creating some Operational Intelligence from it, deciding if any action should be taken, and then use the appropriate technology to manage (machine or human) the response.”
Pieter van Schalkwyk