“I believe that BPM is one of the most important activities every organization that wishes to survive must engage in. Only a monopoly could possibly survive without pursuing BPM – and even then increases in compliance requirements and complexity would drive costs that would be hard to pass on.”
-Ken Carraher

“I believe that BPM should be the basis for a broad understanding of an organization. I imagine, in an ideal world, a room with a large overview of the process architecture of the organization. The major value chains and level 1 processes would all be shown with links between those processes and key stakeholders, and perhaps with key measures of success.”
-Paul Harmon

“Changing your process because you have access to a faster database is the wrong place to start. Transformation should start with the customer, not the limitations of tools deployed. Anything else is just folly.”
David Brakoniecki

“Too much of a focus on the the business process can cause a business solution to be poorly designed and problematic. This is a story from several customers who followed the BPM methodology too well, and were blindsided by some nightmarish systems issues. Too much process can be a real problem.”
-Keith Swenson

“If simulation can help with emerging catastrophes, it can help process managers and participants with emerging and connected process or cases for non hospital situations.”
-Jim Sinur

“A growing cluster of cloud-based workflow and task management tools that allow teams to streamline the way that tasks are allocated, conducted and tracked have the kinds of price points and usability features that make them highly suited to addressing the kinds of business processes that traditional BPM technology platforms would never have been considered for in the past.”
-Neil Ward-Dutton