“Cognizant information officer speaker at Appian15 says the future of work isn’t mobile, social, cloud. it’s drone, wearable & virtual.”
-Connie Moore

“You can’t take a ‘garden variety’ business analyst and have them create BPMN diagrams without training, and that 50% of business analysts are unable to create lasting and valuable requirements.”
-Sandy Kemsley

“‘What the customer asks is not what he wants and what he wants is not what he really needs.’ Applied to business processes, it means that what a customer calls a ‘process’ is often a process fragment, really.”
-Anatoly Belaychook

“It ‘used to be about making existing work more efficient. Now, the opportunity for software is to transform the work itself,’ tweets Box founder Aaron Levie, who Meeker quotes. What he means is that business processes themselves are changing.”
-Patrick Nelson

Productivity isn’t entirely a process problem. But understanding and working to improve the processes used within your organization is entirely under your organization’s control, so it’s the place to start.”
-Paul Harmon

“Mobile isn’t just ‘desktop light’ – and organisations that fail to grasp the impact on working cultures, behaviours, and expectations brought about by the combination of social, mobile, BYOD, and consumerised IT will fail to reap benefits that collaboration tools optimised for mobility can truly bring.”
-Angela Ashenden