“Successful business transformation programs focus less on tactical measures to keep them on track, but more on the people factor. They have created effective communication strategies that create the required level of awareness for the different stakeholder groups. They are able to relate to the interest of the group and individual.”
-Bas de Baat

“No one has expected doctors or lawyers are the average business user to crack open BPMN or CMMN or DMN modeling tools… And we shouldn’t expect the average person to want to build their own tools – typically the tool builders and the tool users are two different groups of people.”
-Scott Francis

“I think it's absolutely key to have an actionable process management agenda in place. An agenda that includes all your high impact processes and points out which of those high impact processes are of low maturity compared to competitors. Those high impact, low maturity processes are the best targets.”
-Mathias Kirchmer

“BPM software will morph into a next generation business process platform. Already case management has developed from BPM software to support more flexible, dynamic processes, and provides many content technologies within the case management platform. BPM will continue moving in this vein, adding even more capabilities to support dynamic and collaborative work, including software for analytics, business process, collaboration, content management, customer experience, social and other emergent software categories.”
-Connie Moore

"The Future is here - it just isn't evenly distributed."
-Peter Johnston

“In a world of increasing digitalisation, Business Process Management - the active design, control and measurement of processes - is taking on a more prominent role, research by BearingPoint shows. The technique has the potential to increase transparency, reduce cost, harmonise processes and improve customer satisfaction.”