“You can't separate processes and people. People implement processes. Processes are how work gets done: Real processes describe what people do.”
-Paul Harmon

“Even if lower-level employees initiate the move to process management, implementation teams need an executive champion to help drive implementation throughout the organization. Without committed senior leadership, process management will not get the funding or resources needed to sustain it long term.”
-Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland

“Uber and Airbnb are of course attention-grabbing, because they’ve used digital technologies to enable them to grow fast and serve massive customer bases – by co-ordinating external resources and managing market information (matching supply and demand) in new, more efficient ways. But digital technologies are also important because they can enable large, established organisations to act small, at scale.”
-Neil Ward-Dutton

“According to research firm Forrester, which coined the term low-code, the driving factor behind the rise of low-code platforms is the pressing need for companies to deliver and adapt high volumes of new apps fast, combined with dwindling developer resources to hand-code the overabundance of new applications.”
-John Reynolds

"Aging Software, Business Processes Are Biggest Obstacles to Corporate Innovation"
-Helen Arnold, SAP CIO

“For well-established, large organisations a big part of the value of digital technologies comes from how – in combination – they can be used to co-ordinate internal resources (people, plant, machinery, infrastructure, goods, materials, knowledge) more efficiently. Digital technologies – applied successfully – can help large organisations start to regain some of the advantages they once had as smaller organisations.”
-Neil Ward-Dutton