“The digital economy is bigger than you think. Much bigger. Some call it the Second Machine Age. The Germans refer to it as Industry 4.0. In Davos, the World Economic Forum has crowned it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. No one is playing down the future impact of digital. But there is a danger that many are underestimating its prevalence today.”
-Bruno Berthon

A good solution applied with vigor now is better than a perfect solution applied ten minutes later.”
-Tim Stephenson

“Amara’s Law: We Overestimate the Effect of a Technology in the Short Run and Underestimate the Effect in the Long Run.”
-Nathaniel Palmer

“There is an volume illusion [with IoT] due to the fact that the things are enabled by smart watches, fitness bands or smart phones, in order words, driven by the consumer and retail industry. The real value from IoT is going to grow from industries like, defense, oil and gas, utilities and manufacturing.”
-Alberto Manuel

“When you’re first doing a business process improvement project understanding roles in the process is critical. That’s because often employees don’t know who is responsible for a certain task in the process, or there are two people responsible for a task (so who is really responsible?), or they don’t know who to escalate a concern to, or there are too many approvals in the process.”
-Shelley Sweet

“Process doesn’t limit creativity. It enables it to flourish.”
-Jess Scheer