"Business process automation has the potential to serve as a catalyst for major efficiency gains in the enterprise. What’s more, these benefits can lead to significant improvements in risk management as business processes are automated in such a way that potential human error is eliminated."
-Joshua Hoffman

"Software is eating the world, and BPM makes sure it doesn't get heartburn."
-Ian Gotts

“The problem with process efforts leveraging BPM these days is that it doesn't get respect until organizations want big returns on investment (ROI). When the economy looks difficult, organizations run to head count adjustments and cutting travel first. The very next move almost always includes process improvement driven by BPM.”
- Jim Sinur

“Competitive advantage is no longer driven by automation and efficiency. It is now driven by customer engagement.”
-Clay Richardson

“The service-led IoT economy needs orchestration, collaboration, and continuous optimisation for efficiency - this is where the role of BPM comes in.”
-Chloe Green

“Don’t start with data. Start with people and process and then use the business and technical requirements you discover along the way to define the data needed to support the process.”
-Scott Francis