"Nathaniel Palmer discussed how the nature of work (and processes) is becoming data-driven, goal-oriented, adaptive, and containing intelligent automation. His take on what will drive BPM in the next five years is the three R’s: robots (and other smart things), rules, and relationships (really, the data about the relationships)."
-Sandy Kemsley

"Automation isn't just about core manufacturing but it's about helping people navigate warehouses, it's about helping people choose optional parts, and is that going to go further into clerical work, into the kind of more routine knowledge work. "
-Neil Ward-Dutton

"Prebuilt models, templates and accelerators can help organizations save money and time by starting with these jump start components on top of a very adaptable engine that can change in near real time."
-Jim Sinur

"A portion of a business’ processes are contextual and need to be improvisational in nature. This percentage is growing as the digital business transformation progresses. Because of this, digital business processes are becoming more like improvisational jazz musicians compared to the highly controlled and precise orchestras of our standard business operations."
-Rachel Brennan

"Success means becoming an adaptive organization, and few leaders recognize that business process management (BPM) can help them achieve the adaptability they seek."
-Samantha Searle

"The CTO primarily enables business through technology, rather than technology for technology’s sake… so if anything my job was more to translate that business perspective into objectives and goals that the technical team can execute against."
-Scott Francis