Austin Gresham"Digital transformation is such a complete alteration in how most businesses operate that it requires leadership from the C-suite and board of directors and buy-in at every level of an organization."
-Austin Gresham

Francis Cardin"The idea of using AI with RPA doesn’t fly – at least not right now. AI must live central to anything an enterprise does, everywhere. AI needs data, and LOTS of it. But very little of that will come because of RPA."
-Francis Carden

Koushik ChatterjeeDespite all the hype around robotics, AI, and blockchain, the true capital and competitive advantage for service providers remains its people.
-Koushik Chatterjee

Michael Baxtor"Throughout 2019, we’ll see further evolution, with a shift from rule based decision-making automation to a more advanced intelligent automation."
-Michael Baxter

Karl Walter Keirstead"There is no direct path between “continuous process improvement” and success from the implementation of corporate initiatives. Whereas process improvement impacts efficiency, it only impacts effectiveness marginally."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

Tom Goodwin"The key to digital transformation and the most powerful question you can ask yourself is 'what would your business look like if you started it today?'"
-Tom Goodwin