"In order to modernize in SSA, Klopp said he believes the agency must rethink its business processes and change the way it engages with its citizens. 'We need to understand the business rules and business processes that’re embedded in these legacy systems and just rewrite them,' Klopp said, rather than continuing to rework them."
-Amanda Ziadeh

"Modern BPM can now unify data from multiple sources and effectively filter it into the business context, providing businesses with actionable insights to find out directly what their customers need is."
-Ryan Gates

"Factories are about to get smarter. The machines that make everything from our phones to our sandwiches rely on creaking technology -- but not for long. 'We will have a fourth industrial revolution,' says professor Detlef Zühlke, a lead researcher in the factories of the future. And that fourth revolution is all about making factories less stupid."
-James Temperton

"The market response to DMN has been very good. Some business rule purists say it is too technical, however is strikes a balance between what you would need to do in a programming language, and a completely natural language rule implementation. Like BPMN, it will probably tend to be used by specialists, but there is also a good chance, like BPMN, that the results will at least be readable by regular business users."
-Keith Swenson

"Industry 4.0 is ushering in sweeping changes to manufacturing, making it transparent, highly dynamic, and flexible . The factory of the future operates autonomously: it can organize itself and its processes and solve any malfunctions or problems without the need for human intervention."
-Verena Majuntke

"BPM solutions have expanded into mobile app development platforms housed in the cloud and process automation suites. They can fuel innovation in every part of your business, but taking advantage of this functionality may hinge on you looking beyond the tech hype."
-Megan Potrzeba