"Selling BPM to the organization must learn, embrace, and reflect back the vocabulary with which the business understands itself. Otherwise, it is a software license sale that is seen as a cost center moment, and can be subject to overly reductive evaluations."
-Lloyd Dugan

"BPM in that sense provides the orchestration backdrop — a context for both the deterministic distributed ledger technology of blockchains and smart contracts, and the more probabilistic machine learning approaches of AI."
-Alan Morrison

"If you'd now look at business strategy, business strategy is, by definition, an enterprise-wide approach. Strategy needs to be executed across the whole organization to make a difference in the market with your clients. That means it's a perfect fit with the notion and definition of process and process management. Therefore, Business Process Management has now really become the management discipline to move strategy into people."
-Mathias Kirchmer

"The big data movement has highlighted the growing need for businesses to understand their limitations and capabilities in the most meaningful ways possible. Modern BPM tools take the self-awareness created by big data and ensure it permeates every part of your operations. At their core, BPM solutions align data and process workflows."
-Megan Potrzeba

"CIOs and other C-level executives expect automation through BPM solutions for their organization, which limits the scope of innovations the BPM can provide. BPM is always viewed as a medium to streamline business activities, which leaves a space for it to enhance processes further for business use."
-CIO Review

"Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a major role in the future of workflow optimization. iBPMS workflow solutions are already providing suggestions to optimize your workflow and create greater transparency into workflow processes and, eventually, AI engines will automate workflow optimization. So you should have your processes ready!"
-David Threm