"The systematic implementation of the right process of process management results in a value-driven management discipline which transfers strategy effectively into people and technology based execution—at pace with certainty, using the opportunities of our digital world."
-Dr. Mathias Kirchmer

"The only question is whether a process practitioner is going to function as a technician, helping to analyze processes, or as a strategist, helping to envision how an organizations processes can be transformed. Either way, everyone concerned with process is going to witness amazing changes in processes in the next few years."
-Paul Harmon

"Most customers are looking for very targeted optimization of process around touch points. They're not saying, 'We're going to look at our entire end to end quote-to-cash process' They're saying, 'Okay there's two or three points in this process where we think we can improve the process, and that's going to have an impact on the customer experience.'"
-Clay Richardson

"Today, customers are achieving success and ROI with BPM and ODM – processes and decisions. The stories are compelling. Real business impact. On the other hand, the future is taking shape, and it looks like a future with a bit of science fiction made real – an emphasis on software that learns and improves its ability to augment our knowledge work by making suggestions or automating rote decisions."
-Scott Francis

"The ability to create proprietary apps or customize third-party solutions without having to write extensive code changes the development game, allowing IT teams to get a wide range of users involved in the process."
-Megan Potrzeba

"It’s the new ‘it’ thing in IT because while RPA (robotic process automation) quickly delivers value to the business, it also frees up your IT resources to focus on the larger scale technology projects. In other words, RPA makes it possible to get to the rest of the project list!"
-Bill Galusha