"Despite their best efforts at standardization, many process owners know their 'standard' processes often don’t meet the requirements of the various teams that are expected to apply them. If these processes can’t be applied, they may as well not exist. As Steve Stanton, an analyst with FCB Partners, says: 'Ninety percent of the organizations I know have failed at standardization.'"
-Ivan Seselj

"Aragon Research predicts that by the end of 2019, 65% of enterprises will retire many legacy processes in favor of those based on the Digital Business Platform, leading to the proliferation of DBPs."
-Jim Sinur

"In environments where process automation capabilities are leveraged, the value of BPMN increases significantly, as it enables stakeholders not only to understand the process together, but, with relatively little technical effort, to simulate and test proposed process flows to validate rules and results and troubleshoot before actual coding takes place, resulting in a more reliable finished product."
-Jonathan Babcock

"Only BPM technology directly enables business-side staff to directly imagine, model, manufacture and use automation artefacts for any desired business process, minimizing IT-side mediation. New generation BPM software technology thus enables organizations to evolve business capabilities more rapidly and affordably than is possible with any alternat."
-John Morris

"A process perspective provides a critical foundation for effective business operations and change. Simply put, business operations are simply the execution of your business processes."
-Roger T. Burlton

"Today’s BPM platforms deliver the ability to manage work while dynamically adapting the steps of a process according to an awareness and understanding of content, data, and business events that unfold. This is the basis of intelligent automation, enabling data-driven processes adapting dynamically to the context of the work, delivering the efficiency of automation while leveraging rules and policies to steer the pathway towards the optimal outcome."
-Nathaniel Palmer