Frank Casale"After 50 years of software being used to help knowledge workers get their work done. Suddenly, we have software that replaces the knowledge worker. This is digital labor. So, if you think of RPA, not as a technology play, or a software play, but as the notion that how work gets done has been reinvented—that’s huge. From a cost savings perspective, it’s huge."
-Frank Casale

Neil Ward-Dutton"The tricky bit is in understanding what 'going digital' actually means, for any given organisation. It's going to be some blend of digitising customer experiences, creating digital products and services / platforms, digitising operations and creating digital workplaces (employee experiences). Different organisations place different emphases on these four perspectives."
-Neil Ward-Dutton

Thomas Husson"Stop thinking of smartphones as just a device but more as the brain powering and orchestrating new experiences in an increasingly connected world."
-Thomas Husson

Jason Bloomberg"Such [Low-Code/No-Code] innovations are too disruptive – so disruptive, in fact, that many different constituencies are resisting, each one sticking its thumb in the dike, hoping to hold back the ocean."
-Jason Bloomberg

Karl Walter Keirstead"Operational efficiency, for sure, can be achieved by automating business processes but to achieve effectiveness it is Case goals, not the goals of BPM professionals, that need to receive the focus."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

Connie Moore"The organizational and technological fallout from digital disruption touches every single industry, organization, and business process. Companies can no longer operate in geographical and functional silos that may have been created over 100 years ago."
-Connie Moore