BPM Quotes of the Week - June 6

“The dynamics of business continue to be fixing the symptom quickly and cheaply which is easier to fund and do than fixing the problem and the root (often systemic) cause. If we are seeing an uplift in the economy, and it's real and sustained, this rising tide will mask the need for the kind of fundamental improvement BPM offers.”
Kevin Parker

“Many business cases focus on the cost of deployment vs. the potential benefits, and fail to adequately address the business change cost, and this is a huge risk for the project, particularly given that in the time it will take for you to achieve the cultural change necessary to truly demonstrate the benefits you are looking for…”
Angela Ashenden

“Though some would argue that the data-centric perspective stands apart on its own as a process modeling technique, I believe this approach provides more value in establishing a unique view from within a holistic BPM methodology.”
Scott Francis

From the BPM Forum

"’What You Architect Is What You Run’. Existing BPMS has implemented ‘What You Model Is What You Run’ principle and it was a big step forward. Yet the architecture modeling remains a separate archipelago which leads to a gap between architecture and execution. It's time to close this gap.”
Anatoly Belaychuk

“The fragmentation of the web (via apps) presents the biggest challenge (for BPM) - the business process gets chopped off into multiple apps that don't really talk consistently with each other. This is augmented by the BYOD trend and the struggle between the legacy BPMS landscape vs the cloud movers.”
Bogdan Nafornita

“BPM is under significant pressure to make the transition from the back office, expanding out to the edges of the organization to sales and field personnel, and then finally all the way out to customers, suppliers, and partners.”
E. Scott Menter

“BPM's biggest challenge is to move away from the ‘best definition for BPM’ and demonstrate how customers get 10x ROI when focusing on Process Excellence.”
Pieter van Schalkwyk

“The challenge is for BPM products not to be surpassed by new services that offer similar aspects, better simpler and cheaper on the cloud, even if they only do a small portion of what BPM can do. The challenge here is to ensure that people understand that BPM is more features then these highly focussed, but popular solutions.”
Tom Baeyens

“EVERY customer experience cannot be designed, but what customers want is an experience that is, at a minimum, consistent, fair and responsive no matter who they contact in the company or what medium they use. At the heart of this is a "designed" process which is then followed by every member of staff.”
Ian Gotts

“That is what is so great about Process & Decision Management! With an extremely high-level of involvement throughout the entire life-cycle including discovery, design, operation and continuously changing how it works, Users/Customers can get that great experience.”
George Chast

“Good customer experience does not happen by random chance. If you have good customer experience, it is because a good design process was used. If it is poor, it is probably because a poor design process was used.”
Keith Swenson

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