BPM Quotes of the Week - September 9, 2015

“In a world of increasing digitalisation, Business Process Management - the active design, control and measurement of processes - is taking on a more prominent role, research by BearingPoint shows. The technique has the potential to increase transparency, reduce cost, harmonise processes and improve customer satisfaction.”

“I think a whole lot more can be done to support knowledge workers without the need for modeling. We need to study those. Modeling might be useful in situations, but we should be clear about the purpose of that modeling, and we should measure whether the model is actually effective in improving the work of knowledge workers.”
-Keith Swenson

From the BPM Forum

“If BPM is a "practice," Agile is an attitude. Execute, it's that simple.”
-Patrick Lujan

“It’s not the process itself that needs to be agile per se, but the way you manage them.”
-Walter Brill

“Agile implementation is one of BPM keystones; it isn't BPM if it's not agile.”
-Anatoly Belaychuk

“If a company has bothered to take the time to 'design' processes and still do a bad job then they are doomed to fail!”
-Craig Willis

“If processes had to be well defined for a company to succeed, then there would be no fortune 500 companies because they all have at least some major processes that are poorly designed to ‘today's’ needs.”
-Scott Francis

“I do think that this will eventually limit the company's growth. With poorly designed processes, you are still relying on a culture of heroes to fill the gaps and achieve end-to-end processing. This will only take a business so far.”
-Rachel Brennan

“It is not a lack of well designed process that kills businesses, but a lack of agility.”
-Ian Gotts

“One can never design a Once in a Lifetime Process and take a back-seat. Business is dynamic, customers are dynamic and so are the designed processes. A bad process for one may be a great one for the other. And a good process today can also end up in a trash can tomorrow.”
-Pritiman Panda

“This question and previous answers is an excellent example that only processes are not enough – it is mandatory to establish explicit and objective relationships between processes outputs and enterprise goals. In other words – results chain.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

“Management must make process improvement a central concern of leadership.”
-John Morris

“The first step of process improvement is to suspect that your process can be improved.”
-John Reynolds