BPM Quotes of the Week - September 6, 2016

"The big data movement has highlighted the growing need for businesses to understand their limitations and capabilities in the most meaningful ways possible. Modern BPM tools take the self-awareness created by big data and ensure it permeates every part of your operations. At their core, BPM solutions align data and process workflows."
-Megan Potrzeba

From the BPM Forum

"There is so much data needed to figure patterns, contexts, proper decisions and proper actions. Without embracing cognitive assists, both people and software (in this case BPM software) will get overwhelmed."
-Jim Sinur

"BPM is the revolutionary technology that no one likes to admit is revolutionary."
-John Morris

"If you are really in control of your processes, you are never amazed. You know what your processes have to deliver and you keep track on that. And I don't think so much data is needed for that."
-Emiel Kelly

"BPM is at its best when provided with meaningful and timely information, which it then uses to drive decisions based on the rules and goals set by your organization. Perhaps it would be best if we left the job of distilling that information to a technology better suited for that task."
-E. Scott Menter

"I believe further adoption of BPM lays in the fringes of the business world, in the small, unassuming companies that cannot afford to even think architecturally but still want to get involved in the design of their operations. Will there be a robust hybrid architectural approach that will blur this religious divide between data and process?"
-Bogdan Nafornita

"I'd say that BPM is essential for successful Customer Experience Management... but BPM is focussed on successful end to end processes, whereas CEM is focussed on the delight of a single (incredibly important) Persona across all your company's processes."
-John Reynolds

"Yes BPM will certainly contribute to enhancement of customer experience but does a lot more....with fewer managers...!"
-David Chassels

"BPM enables and optimizes the delivery of customer service. Thus BPM and Customer Service are one and the same not customer experience."
-Peter Whibley

"At the heart of almost all of them (bad customer experience) was a lack of well defined and followed process. Mostly it was poor design. Often it was poor execution."
-Ian Gotts