BPM Quotes of the Week - September 30, 2015

“BPM software will morph into a next generation business process platform. Already case management has developed from BPM software to support more flexible, dynamic processes, and provides many content technologies within the case management platform. BPM will continue moving in this vein, adding even more capabilities to support dynamic and collaborative work, including software for analytics, business process, collaboration, content management, customer experience, social and other emergent software categories.”
-Connie Moore

“Rules have been in the shadow of process for over a decade, but it is time to give rules their due. If we make the rules, particularly business rules, transparent, explicit, easy to understand and easy to change, we can possibly cope and flourish with the speed of change that is only accelerating.”
-Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

“You can throw in zillions of BPM technology; if you don't have a well thought through BPM methodology, you are basically in the dark.”
-Walter Bril

“If you don't know what you're doing - there is no difference. The result will always be the same - waste of time, waste of money, etc.But if you do, BPM as technology will allow to achieve more (e.g. through automation).”
-Michal Rykiert

“Unfortunately, at present, we have too many different BPM methodologies and, as a result, too many incompatible BPM technologies. Thus, for today’s business, it is important to have a unified BPM methodology and as many as possible BPM technologies which follow this BPM methodology.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

“Your left hand is technology. The right is methodology. To hear the claps, you need both.”
-Jaisundar Venkat