BPM Quotes of the Week - September 27, 2017

Thomas HussonStop thinking of smartphones as just a device but more as the brain powering and orchestrating new experiences in an increasingly connected world."
-Thomas Husson


"Process-based management is not achieved and sustained by having the right software and methods, indeed you can probably make it work well with the wrong software and methods...Put simply, to ‘do process’, an organization, its people, and their teams need to ‘think process’."
-Roger Tregear

From the BPM Forum

What's the First Step a Company Needs to Take to Start Improving Their Customer Service Processes?

"Get a very senior sponsor who should care about customer processes. My vote: the CEO."
-Ian Gotts

"I'm gonna go with 'talk to the customer'(s)."
-Patrick Lujan

"I think working through customer journey mapping processes with clients and combining that with real cases to analyze is a great way to start."
-Jim Sinur

"First step toward improving customer service is recognition that all touchpoints cannot be anticipated."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"Ironically, over the past years automation in general and BPM solutions in particular have been a cause of said (customer service) gap to widen, due to rigid standardization and lack of sufficient or just inefficient customer touch points."
-Kay Winkler

"Customer service excellence is not just key to conventional competitive advantage but crucial in digital transformation."
-Ross Harling

"The key part of the value prop (for low-code/no-code) is a combination of a need for speed, and a war for talent. Orgs want to deliver fast, but they struggle to meet even yesterday's demand. This is basically where the hook into 'digital transformation' comes in."
-Neil Ward-Dutton

"The general rule is: more your 'code' is close to business (or more abstract) – more gains from its automated optimisation. Thus, there is no less-code or no-code tendency, but there is a tendency for moving up-stream to business-problem modelling and execution."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"Low-code or no-code platforms are like 'Lego Building Blocks'. If all the model/shapes are available to meet your business functionality - that's great. Else, additional effort needs to be considered to crafting and creating a block to fit with other building blocks in terms of design/shape/polish/color."
-Pritiman Panda

"For the end users, not so sure if there is a real need to build everything their self. But as a tool builder; why not? The easier things are, the more I like it. That's why I like any initiative that enables easier building of tools."
-Emiel Kelly

"Low-code/no-code frees programmers to work at (or start) software companies—firms in which they are top-line contributors, rather than bottom-line dead weight. And it frees non-software companies to hire people who are subject matter experts in the areas in which they operate."
-E Scott Menter

"From my experience, I can safely say that the time to market for a good low-code platform is phenomenal. As a developer, there, of course, are times when the lack of control does get frustrating, but overall the experience has been good."
-Adeel Javed