BPM Quotes of the Week - September 27, 2016

"BPM in that sense provides the orchestration backdrop — a context for both the deterministic distributed ledger technology of blockchains and smart contracts, and the more probabilistic machine learning approaches of AI."
-Alan Morrison

From the BPM Forum

“I personally think that AI will transform both the process for creating solutions and the structure of the solutions themselves. We've long been stressing that a proper BPM solution must be structured to be easily changed as business requirements change.”
-John Reynolds

“(BPM and AI) will come from interoperability between BPM and IoT devices with embedded process control points in BPM run time environments looking for the presence/absence of data in data inflows.”
-K. Walter Keirstead

“I will turn to artificial intelligence, because it occupies a special role in The Fourth Industrial Revolution. In particular, machine learning will turn big data into big workflow. In other words, AI/ML will make big data big actionable, in real-time and at scale.”
-Charles Webster

“AI is best suited to highly structured environments -- and thus we would expect that BPM should be an area where AI opportunities (e.g. "awareness", "integration") could be found. And paradoxically, the application of AI to BPM has the potential to allow for more flexible, less brittle BPM processes. A little awareness goes a long way.”
-John Morris

“If we're looking at BPM as a set of technologies to enable work co-ordination at scale then initially, the impact (of AI) will be at the edges - it will shape new user interaction options around task management and execution, for example. Ultimately there's room for AI applications to directly augment process, task selection and assignment.”
-Neil Ward-Dutton

“With or w/out AI, BPM tech is about automating processes. The future will allow SMBs to do so with the same efficiency that enterprises do it and across devices.”
-Eyal Katz

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"As soon as you disconnect with your audience... Guaranteed failure."
-Walter Brill

"A single person in the organization thought about and developed the process model without inputs from others !!"
-Christine Custis

"A model with seemingly infinite detail, and without the right abstractions to make it easy to understand. A model's first best purpose is to be understood by others."
-Scott Francis

"A process model will be not a success if it is not machine-executable. As we know, each people will understand the same model differently."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"You model for a purpose. If the model doesn't support you in your purpose, it is a failure."
-Michel van den Hoven

"Hanging an existing, as-is process(es) on a new BPMS is, has always been, will always be, a sure-fire recipe for ugliness down the road."
-Patrick Lujan

"When the people who do the work you're capturing in the model don't use it. No matter how many other people may refer to it or use it, it won't matter because it won't be up-to-date if the people executing it aren't using it."
-Kathy Long

"If you cannot explain it. Then you cannot follow it. Therefore it is doomed."
-Vernon Woodin

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-Peter Hilton

"'Management' as in Business Process 'Management' everything is managed, except businesses processes."
-Walter Bril

"When we refer to the digital applications we're building on BPM platforms, 'workflow' just doesn't do justice to the scope of the accomplishment."
-E. Scott Menter

"Agility. Is there any software application less agile than the BPMs?"
-Peter Whibley

"I think we need to provide a new perspective to the whole space as most people alluded on this thread. While the existing technology can be the basis for this next wave, the message needs to be adjourned and restated towards the end users and a new look from a consumer angle would be ideal in my humble opinion."
-Eduardo Chiocconi