BPM Quotes of the Week - September 23, 2015

"The Future is here - it just isn't evenly distributed."
-Peter Johnston

“However one of the major differentiating factors between using a complicated workflow, or using a simple workflow, is the type of labor that will be completing that task. The more granular that you make a workflow, the easier it is for that workflow to be done by a less educated, and more affordable laborer.”
-Aaron McKeehan

“Business process automation gets a bad rap. It has a reputation for being a tool used almost solely to cut staff and reduce costs. While there certainly are businesses that leverage the technology to that end, the potential power of automation goes well beyond replacing people. In fact, many organizations will use process automation to empower their existing work force.”
-Joshua Hoffman

From the BPM Forum

“Process helps in Designing/Building a Business Functionality and Metrics helps it Adopting it!!”
-Pritiman Panda

“For me, some sort of metrics should be put in place before improvement, if for no other reason that to set the performance criteria for improvement projects, understand the potential benefits, and know what success should look like.”
-Ron Evans

“Asking people ‘what's the process?’ is generally a good place to start, but then we have to verify that the process is ‘what they think it is’... and that generally involves metrics in one way or another.”
-John Reynolds

“The interesting thing is what happens when you have your metrics and your process and then apply BPM technology. BOOM! A whole new class of metrics, and an entire new way to think about process.”
-E. Scott Menter

What Are the Keys to a Long Lasting Process?
1) Flexibility - can it evolve, expand, grow?
2) Visibility - do you know what's going on at any given time?
3) Results [pphhhtttt on "outcomes"] - does it give the client, users what they need, want?
-Patrick Lujan

“If you produce a process that is logical, intuitive, and thorough (in that it reliably produces the results required without much hassle for the users), no one is going to complain about it, and it will get left alone until requirements change. However, the defining factor for the shelf-life of any given process is how often an organization changes its requirements.”
-Amy Barth

“BPM is not about having processes. You just have them. It's about implementing and steering processes that deliver useful results.”
-Emiel Kelly

“I find that lasting processes are the ones that are ‘flexible’. By ‘flexible’ I mean that the user has huge freedom when interacting with the process.”
-Juan J. Moreno

“What I do see more of is companies experimenting with new ways of organizing their structure. For example Sociocracy and Holocracy are becoming more common. The idea of self-organizing teams held together by governance processes that are light weight and flexible.”
-Craig Willis