BPM Quotes of the Week - September 13, 2017

Karl Walter Keirstead"Operational efficiency, for sure, can be achieved by automating business processes but to achieve effectiveness it is Case goals, not the goals of BPM professionals, that need to receive the focus."
-Karl Walter Keirstead


"Keeping up with digital upstarts that are rewriting the rules of industries, from retail to banking to energy, is one of the biggest management challenges for major corporations today. One reason managers continue to struggle with this conundrum is that they usually attempt to attack their core systems on multiple fronts all at once. Instead, they should chart a course to improve their digital capabilities by learning from major cities..."
-Paul Beswick

"A digital transformation platform brings all the tools together to make solutions that transform the business. Knowledge workers constitute about 50% of the workforce, and that percentage is growing. Any solution destined to transform the organization absolutely must have some case management capabilities."
-Keith Swenson

From the BPM Forum

What Are the Biggest Opportunities for BPM Right Now? "Risk management is now a requirement for ISO9001 compliance. It is a complex process that requires lots of thought and input to arrive at a good process."
-Scott Cleveland

"BPM (as management by processes) is an integral part of an ERM platform."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"IoT has definitively the potential of extending common, enclosed BPM applications to new heights and depths. Traditional form and office driven processes can now more easily overcome the confines of the office environment and reach the final customer or the 'real life node', directly."
-Kay Winkler

"Empowerment of people with real time reporting on operational activity is now a reality a cross the whole organisation putting the BPM people and process as driver."
-David Chassels