BPM Quotes of the Week - September 12, 2016

"If you'd now look at business strategy, business strategy is, by definition, an enterprise-wide approach. Strategy needs to be executed across the whole organization to make a difference in the market with your clients. That means it's a perfect fit with the notion and definition of process and process management. Therefore, Business Process Management has now really become the management discipline to move strategy into people."
-Mathias Kirchmer

"Automation makes big data initiatives much more affordable and accessible to the enterprise. Automated data science has not obscured the jobs of data scientists, but instead freed them from some of the more time-consuming aspects of their position so they can work on more profound problems."
-Jelani Harper

From the BPM Forum

"Smart process drives more intelligent decision making no doubt. The big problem I see with poor process is that it leads to lazy and unintelligent decision making. If you provide the path for someone to succeed there is a much better chance they will."
-Zachary Kelemen

"Only when processes are broken, people (mostly customers actually) notice and suppliers come up with the 'smartest' workarounds... No, I think smart processes don't make people smarter. Failure make people smarter..."
-Walter Bril

"The benefit of a smarter process is to augment decision making for less skilled workers. A smart process should enable businesses to hire less skilled workers to complete tasks that would traditionally require a knowlede worker to successfuly complete a task."
-Rick Willis

"If the process is smart then, everything else (people, technology, rules) is/are inherently smart."
-Sandeep Johal

The Top WORST Ideas for Improving Processes Below:

"Set up a project for it, hire some cool consultants to do it, but absolutely give them a room in another building, so all those process improvement initiatives don't disturb your daily business."
-Emiel Kelly

"Your entire organization is wrongly set-up, let's blow the whole thing up, and let our very experienced consultants rebuild everything according to industry-standards in our mature proprietary BPMS!"
-Bodgan Nafornita

"Don't bother mapping your current state: there is absolutely nothing your senior managers do not already know by heart, there are no immediate savings to be found, any baselines for measuring future improvements are irrelevant, and it won't help shape your thinking on the future."
-Ross Harling

"Analyst: This process could be done many different ways, which is the best?
Bad Advice: Just pick one and implement it. It does not matter."

-Keith Swenson

"Using Agile means you don't have to know your business requirements up front."
-Rachel Brennan

"Hire a consultant to work alone, because consultants are experts.
Buy a tool - an expensive one - because everyone knows technology is the solution.
Create very detailed process models - because they look great when you're audited."

-Kathy Long

"It's IT responsibility."
-Anatoly Belaychuk