BPM Quotes of the Week - Sept. 19

“Cloud computing is enormously promising in terms of providing scalable and elastic infrastructure for software applications, as well as innovative business opportunities. However, its complexity (both in terms of understanding and adoption) is often underestimated.”
Marco Brambilla

“When a combined process flow is created from real life measurements, acquired by instrumentation probes, across job roles, organizational boundaries and even outside the base organization, the process map tends to point out problems that only appear when you put the big picture together.”
Jim Sinur

“Most companies are successful with their first BPM project. They tend to focus on something fairly attainable and have good alignment and staffing for the first project. They get an unmitigated success, but as soon as it goes live, the team that was supposed to get all the learning about BPM and form the core of a Center of Excellence is reassigned to everyday work within the organization...As a result, when the second BPM project comes along, the staff has to be re-incarnated. Often the actors are all new, or mostly new, and you don’t get the benefit of expertise gleaned from the first project."
Scott Francis

From the BPM Forum

“What's worse than a BPM project? A BPM project with a steering committee on top.”
Bogdan Nafornita

"What’s the Worst Thing to Hear When Starting a BPM Project? “We have had all the areas map out their areas independently in Visio swimlanes, so we are pretty much done.”
Ian Gotts

“Individualized and customized service to the particular situation will remain to be powerful drivers for business. No customer like to be herded like cattle. Companies who have experts who can identify a particular 'tribe' and do the process right for them, will win in the long run.”
Keith Swenson

“BYOP sounds like Make-Your-Own-Process-Ignore-Aftereffects (MYOPIA).”
Dr. Alexander Samarin

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