BPM Quotes of the Week - October 4, 2018

Keith Swenson"One question I would like to know is whether ANYONE has seen a process model developed for one organization successfully re-used at a different organization?"
-Keith Swenson


"Thousands of organizations—even massive companies and government entities—have successfully scaled Agile, and they’re seeing benefits in time-to-market, defect reduction, productivity, and employee engagement."
-Mercy Harper

"The truth is that chief digital officers can be very effective with strong CEO backing, but they are not always necessary. A business-savvy, customer-obsessed CIO can be as effective as a chief digital officer — sometimes more so."
-Nigel Fenwick

From the BPM Forum

"As we say the 'Map is the App' yes it is true you can now build any enterprise level application via a graphical interface where all business logic with different task types, links (workflow) UIs and all supporting needs such as RPA in built."
-David Chassels

"There is still a gap between the process model and the executable process (including the BPM Suite, the RPA artifacts, SOA integrations, etc.). The models are so complete, and complex, that it is often very difficult to implement with real (and affordable) tools."
-Juan J. Moreno

"Reengineering is slow, expensive and alienating to the organization. Automating without any bit of transformational thinking is faster but creates technical debt that is ultimately dangerous and expensive. They'd be better incrementally transforming them, with quick wins that engage the organization."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"Automating without thinking gives a sense of immediate results at an early stage, often leading to discontrol of projects, very expensive and highly dubious solutions to business objectives."
-Jose Camacho

"We recently worked with a large pharmaceutical manufacturer to upgrade to a new automation platform. In the process they discovered that nearly 60% of their existing processes needed to be deleted, merged or redesigned. If we hadn't gone through the upgrade process, these old, misaligned processes would still be in place."
-Mike Raia

How Big of a Role Do You See AI Playing in the Future of BPM?

"Minor, so long as we continue to see 70% failure rates and so long as consultants/vendors are unable to agree on basic ways/means of managing workflow/workload."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"AI does not exist. Machine Learning will make current flowcharting approaches of BPM both in analysis and optimization utterly obsolete especially where they relate to human interaction. The impact in orchestration of backend processes will be less. People will still call it BPM and marvel at the progress."
-Max Pucher

"BPM will be slowly but surely consumed by Machine Learning/AI. There is a direct correlation between the disappearance of BPM as we know it and the mass disappearance of jobs that has begun to happen and will continue to happen at an accelerated rate."
-Brian Reale

"If we look at business processes lifecycle then, obviously, AI has no place at the beginning of it. However, the modelling and implementation of business processes may become almost automated."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"Eventually AI will take over the process design and improvement. This will take some years... meanwhile we are looking ways to automate the processes by AI."
-Kai Laamanen

"I believe AI will be one of the biggest contributing factors to optimizing process efficiency, as it will be much more capable of reacting timely to unforeseen events compared to human actors in a process."
-Caspar Jans

"BPM will become a key driving force behind further development of AI. Machine learning in business applications is blind without guiding role of BPM, similarly as a company is blind without its management."
-Boris Zinchenko