BPM Quotes of the Week - October 18, 2018

Nigel Fenwick"What every company needs is a solid business strategy built around tomorrow’s digital capabilities."
-Nigel Fenwick


"RPA, when executed well, delivers a digitally-transformative experience to business operations executives, where they can - for the first time - fundamentally change how a process is designed to process data much, much faster."
-Phil Fersht

"Robotic process automation has entered a new phase of adoption, which calls for a focus on governance, change management, and cooperation between business and IT."
-John Moore

From the BPM Forum

"Digital customer experiences fall short of their expectations as organizations that have embraced digital to focus it on their own operational efficiency almost exclusively. Of course organizations were forced to go mobile and handle multiple channel or be left in the dust, but few organizations have taken an outside in view of services and products and leverage customer journeys."
-Jim Sinur

"I'm cynical. I don't believe most organizations are willing to put their money where their mouths are. In other words, they say they value the customer experience but they won't spend the money necessary to provide it."
-Fred Nichols

"The customer experience is bad because that is what was designed and implemented."
-Ian Gotts

"Companies are still afraid to let their customers dictate their experiences."
-Mike Raia

"Companies have to get to terms with the fact that increased levels of technologies (including BPMS) do not automatically and positively correlate (rate, direction and intensity) with customer satisfaction. Neither does tech represent by default what’s really important to the customer."
-Kay Winkler

"To win customer satisfaction organizations must combine advanced digital technologies with skilled human support staff ready to communicate with client on any problem, which goes outside of the scope of the digital system."
-Boris Zinchenko

"Most business processes cost more to re-use, because the overall architecture is usually neglected. Yes, there are time/budget constraints - no single customer is willing to fund your R&D into designing generic-enough patterns that could be re-used. They only care about you fixing their specific problem."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"Looking strictly from the technological point of view, and given that many companies are still supported in legacy systems, without an architecture that allows componentization and reuse, the idea of starting from scratch instead of reusing usually has more followers."
-Jose Camacho