BPM Quotes of the Week - October 11, 2018

Bogdan Nafonita"You can't seriously be a digital company without two pillars: data and process."
-Bogdan Nafornita


"That’s why I say that the new digital divide will not be between the haves and have-nots. It will be between those who choose to let the rising tide of intelligent machines elevate their humanity and those who resist that enhancing, enabling force."
-James L. McQuivey

"Business strategy must be founded on the notion that the future is virtually unpredictable. This means that, far beyond an organization’s ability to deliver the next thing with agility and speed, strategic success will go to the firms that are fastest and most agile over an unending stream of rapid and unpredictable changes in business and technology."
-Randy Heffner

"But the hard, cold, truth is organizational culture and lack of collaboration between IT and business leaders are the biggest barriers to digital transformation success."
-Roland Alston

"RPA can scale rapidly to have a dramatic impact on enterprises in months. Incorrect. The vast majority of these initiatives are project-based, not scaled - only 13% of RPA adopters are currently scaled up and industrialized, according to new data from 590 enterprises worldwide."
-Phil Fersht

From the BPM Forum

"Business should treat IT as a service to be purchased and continuously review the 'Buy vs. Build' pros and cons."
-John Reynolds

"The best IT departments are the ones who have a seat at the business table and take an active, engaged interest in the business holistically. When IT understands the business direction of the organization, as well as the competitive threats, they can help protect the organization and push it forward."
-Mike Raia

"I believe the traditional role of IT in an organization is changing, and pretty quickly too. It seems to be shifting from being almighty about IT in a company to become more of a digital catering department that offers a menu of IT selections (from basic connectivity to agile app development)."
-Caspar Jans

"Key role of IT department is in technical enablement of enterprise architecture. Most IT solutions already exist in a wide range of offerings ranging from FOSS to large and expensive integrated systems available from leading IT vendors. Primary challenge is not in finding a solution as such but in simple and efficient integration of the existing solution with running business and present IT systems."
-Boris Zinchenko

"Software must be 'owned' by the business for those important salient processes which are assets a long as they remain flexible to accommodate change as required. Flexibility is also required in the use of infrastructure to allow not just the data but the software to be transferred at end of contractual period thus avoiding any 'lock in'."
-David Chassels

"Processes are critical for context to a digital enterprise. otherwise everything is just responding to incoming events without context. when a customer wants to understand where their order is, how do we tell them if we don't have process that describes it's journey?"
-Scott Francis

"Due to its gap bridging nature on multiple ends - data silos, departmental borders, application barriers and, most importantly, the true end points of the value chain, business processes that adhere to a BPM framework and architecture are quite essential to the successful, digital enterprise."
-Kay Winkler