BPM Quotes of the Week - October 11, 2016

"It’s the new ‘it’ thing in IT because while RPA (robotic process automation) quickly delivers value to the business, it also frees up your IT resources to focus on the larger scale technology projects. In other words, RPA makes it possible to get to the rest of the project list!"
-Bill Galusha

"In a world where the customer is in charge, customer journey mapping will be a key weapon in designing an attractive interaction with your organization. Journey mapping is not a 'one and done' effort as mining actual customer experiences will also be mapped for audit purposes. Also journey mapping can be applied to employees and partners."
-Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

-How Would You Define an Agile Company Today?

"Iterative, incremental, visible, transparent. We're building to desired functionality, not a budget or date, and we throw it over the fence when the product owner says 'that has enough functional business value for me to pull the trigger.'"
-Patrick Lujan

"The majority of changes are done in the following way: Business to IT: We would like you implement this new improvement, please. IT to business: We have anticipated it and it is already implemented and deployed but not activated yet. Please use this control to activate/deactivate it in accordance with your needs."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"The agility of a company's systems play a huge role in making business agility possible, so there's likely a strong correlation between the architecture of their systems, and their processes for updating those systems, and their true business agility."
-John Reynolds

"To me, an agile company is the one that takes any decisions fast. For that to happen, its decision support assets (rules, processes, data) must be:
1/ explicitly architected;
2/ instantly available.
3/ immediately and transparently editable."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"A CoE typically offers structure to enable and support BPM initiatives and, most importantly, creates the required balance between people, process and technology. But it does not own processes nor manage process models."
-Walter Bril

"Certainly a BPM COE is a necessity; any demanding management and technical domain requires focus. A BPM COE is the usual name given for the organizational entity focused on organization-wide BPM management and technology leadership."
-John Morris

"The less mature the more important the COE function. The more mature the less COE is relevant. The culture and the organizational set up of a business will also dictate the importance of COE. Plenty of situations where organizations don't have the buy-in, funding and structure to support a COE thus BPM has succeeded at a federated level without a COE."
-Stuart Chandler

"Centers of Excellence?? I think most companies are deluding themselves and would be much better served by implementing Centers of Moderate Competency."
-Jonathan Yarmis