BPM Quotes of the Week - October 10, 2017

Frank Casale"After 50 years of software being used to help knowledge workers get their work done. Suddenly, we have software that replaces the knowledge worker. This is digital labor. So, if you think of RPA, not as a technology play, or a software play, but as the notion that how work gets done has been reinvented—that’s huge. From a cost savings perspective, it’s huge."
-Frank Casale


"As BPM provides a constrained workflow for user activities (habits), automates data transformation and ensures that actions are made in a pre-defined order, can data science answer specific questions from data generated by a BPM application? One of the major difficulties faced in this challenge is the heterogeneity of the data produced by business processes. Every project using BPM is different, and can belong to different business verticals (e.g. e-learning, banking, educational, manufacture, and so on)."
-Olan Anesini

From the BPM Forum

Is Case Management More Important Than Process Management for a Company Looking to Achieve a Competitive Advantage?

"No, both are essential. Cases need orchestration from background processes (workflow management)."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"Customer Service pretty much depends on how well you handle Cases - So it ought to be at the top of the list."
-John Reynolds

"There is not much which is not a Case Management need in business; customers, suppliers, HR, healthcare, asset, project, grant, complaints management etc..."
-David Chassels

"'Yes' -- 'case management is more important than process management' for organizations looking to achieve a competitive edge. Why? Because case management, by definition, will cover the less-commoditized work of the organization. This is the work where the unique differentiation of the organization is important. Margins are higher. And judgement and tacit knowledge are significant aspects of the work."
-John Morris

"If you don't find yourself needing elements of both (case management and process management), you're probably looking at too narrow a problem set. What's more, if you realize you need both, but you find yourself buying separate modules or even separate products to handle them, then you're not creating the type of integrated, unified applications that keep you competitive."
-E. Scott Menter

"For a company to achieve a competitive advantage, you need Enterprise/Business Architects who can understand how to blend Case Management, Decision Management, and Process Management disciplines in the context of the practical application of BPMS suites."
-BJ Biernatowski

"Humans have always been able to adapt to revolutions. But that took years. My biggest concern is that the AI revolution is so fast that maybe the workforce doesn't have enough time to convert and adapt to the new landscape."
-Juan J. Moreno

"My biggest concern is that we will apply AI indiscriminately to solving problems that are within our reach to solve, depriving us of the skills and the perspectives that will help us grow. Without such human skills and perspectives to audit the results of the AI solutions, these solutions may increasingly depart from human understanding. The consequences of that are bleak."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"Failure to have the necessary transparency in exactly what the AI does and the logic driving it."
-David Chassels

"BPM becomes an essential asset in explicit structuring and control of AI dominated digital business. BPM crystallizes human friendly, understandable view of the technology, which, otherwise, dissipates in AI advances."
-Boris Zinchenko