BPM Quotes of the Week - Oct. 3

“What this shows is that there is research being done to take process to the next level. Perhaps a combination of these approaches might leave us with the ultimate solution: a system that can generate process maps on demand that are appropriate for a specific situation. This would be exactly like your GPS unit which can generate a route from point A to point B give the underlying map of what is possible.”
Keith Swenson

"One answer, Forrester concludes, is the use of low-code platforms. It’s not just that those platforms let developers work more quickly. It’s also that the platforms expand who can be a developer, and include far more people than those who typically write applications in enterprises."

From the BPM Forum

“Firms really start to improve once they get past the first few processes and have internal staff updating them quickly and that snowballs quickly. It is getting past that first few processes that makes a difference.’
Garvin Fouts

Why Do Companies Continue to Struggle With Impoving Processes? “No clear view of the processes that really matter. Every company has processes, but it's your own choice to manage your organization by process.”
Emiel Kelly

“Current BPM tools focus on BPMN conformity and compliance, whereas customers of processes see the notations as yet another thing to learn...I have yet to see a BPM tool where organizations are able to fully deploy valid, executable processes ON THEIR OWN.”
Bogdan Nafornita

“BPM projects suffer from “projectitis’, meaning they're implemented and managed as a 'block' within IT infrastructure rather than tooling for proper process management.”
Gary Samuelson

“For any company continuous improvement is a set of ‘linked projects’. A skier doesn't do just one turn and then if they are successful, think about the next. Companies should think about a continuous improvement regime or culture, not a single project.”
Ian Gotts

“Picking low hanging fruit tells you very little about the skills you need to pick high-hanging fruit. So while ‘quick wins’ and ‘simple projects’ are great ways to introduce BPM to an organization, when you go for things that are higher up the tree you need to acquire a whole new set of skills.”
Gary Barnett

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